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Yocto Discipuli Yocto Discipuli:

THE free student tracking system. For schools, teachers and students. Follow your students even better now, keep absences and make electronic learning environments available.

Many schools are dependent on an Electronic Learning Environment. There are many such environments. Just think of Magister or SOMToday. However, many of these systems also have a considerable price tag. Hundreds of euros quickly go to such a system that could also have been better spent. That is why we introduce Yocto Discipuli. This system is naturally free and you therefore have access to all functions. You do not pay per user. If you still miss a position, we are happy to implement it for you. Each Yocto Account has a standard certain amount of storage. This storage is for private use. Each participating school also has a certain amount of storage. All users of Yocto Discipuli receive this amount. So if someone uses a lot, then less is left for someone else. However, if this quantity is not enough, please contact the Yocto Cloud department.